In the field of faucet design, brushed steel is a highly refined and versatile option. In this article we will look at the different finishes available in the Super Inox product range and give you tips to help you choose the perfect one for your home.

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Brushed Steel Taps: Elegance and Durability

Brushed steel taps are known for their timeless elegance, which suits many different furnishing styles, and for their durability. The brushed finish ensures a modern and sophisticated look, while the steel makes the faucet resistant to shocks and wear.
This combination of style and functionality makes brushed steel taps a popular choice for bathrooms and kitchens. The finish also helps to give the room character and personality.
The range of Super Inox finishes includes Natural finishes, which stand out for their simplicity and style, and PVD finishes, which are obtained through a technology that deposits a thin metal film on the treated objects, giving them a different colour.
Due to its durability, PVD remains unaltered over time, making the application of additional protective films unnecessary. This makes for a more sustainable, biocompatible and non-toxic product.

Golden Finish: Luxury and Refinement

The golden finish gives the brushed steel taps a refined look and contributes to making any room more luxurious and elegant. It is particularly suitable for classically or vintage-inspired bathrooms and kitchens: here it can add a touch of warmth and timeless elegance.
The Super Inox High Brass and Light Gold finishes are perfect for warming up and personalising your rooms.

Copper Finish: Warm Hues and Urban Inspirations

The copper finish offers warm and cosy tones to the brushed steel faucets, and is particularly suitable for urban-style furnishings. This option is ideal for creating a cosmopolitan atmosphere in bathrooms and kitchens, to which it lends a bold, modern design.
Alternatively, it also fits perfectly in rustic-style ambiences.
If you love the contemporary vibe of coppery details, choose Super Inox’s Copper finish.

Black finish: Minimalist chic

If you want a home with a minimalist and chic style, the black finish is definitely the one for you. This option is perfect for contemporary interiors with a clean and sophisticated design: the black brushed steel taps add a dark and bold touch to any room, making it chic even with just a few other furnishing elements.
For brushed taps with an intense, penetrating colour, the Pure Black finish is for you. If you prefer more metallic tones, you will prefer the Gun Metal finish.

In conclusion, the choice of finish for brushed steel taps depends on the style and atmosphere you wish to create in your home. Whether you prefer the luxury of gold, the boldness of coppery, or the minimalism of a black finish, at Super Inox you will find the right solution to give your home the right personality.
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