In furniture, every element can influence the final ambience. Therefore, every choice must be carefully considered and can be a source of stress for those entering the world of interior design.
In a landscape of difficult decisions, the one on taps certainly isn’t: brushed kitchen taps are the protagonists in the décor choices of Italians.
But what are the most popular features and the 2024 trends in this regard? In this article we will discover them together.

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak


Elegant and minimalist design

Increasingly modern kitchens and rooms are now the order of the day, and in furniture choices minimalism is one of the most popular criteria. Clean lines, essential shapes and soft finishes encapsulate the essence of the 2024 trends.

Audacity and personality in colours

More and more people are choosing to add a touch of personality to their kitchens by choosing unconventional finishes and colours for their brushed steel taps. Copper, gold and the timeless black come into play, increasingly making their way alongside the traditional steel colour. To find out which finishes best match the style of your home, you can consult this article: (link).

Pull-out hand showers for more convenience

Another feature emerging in the world of kitchen taps is the search for product convenience, which is why pull-out hand showers are one of the most popular trends.
In fact, taps with a flexible spout are becoming increasingly popular due to the convenience offered by the extraction of the hand shower, making it easier to clean food and the bathtub itself.

Sustainability and care for the environment

Non-toxic materials, sustainable packaging and control of the supply chain are now must-haves for most consumers. Purchases are moving towards eco-sustainability, craftsmanship and Made in Italy.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

In addition to aesthetics and convenience, the need to purchase a product that is easy to clean and will last over time is another of the most considered purchase criteria.
Customers are increasingly turning to high-quality materials, such as stainless steel, which is rustproof and wear-resistant.
The brushed finish is also even easier to clean, as fingerprints and limescale stains remain less easily visible.

Brushed kitchen taps are a sophisticated choice for those who want an elegant and functional ambience. Specifically, minimalism, personality, comfort, sustainability and cleanliness appear to be the five paths towards which the 2024 trends of these products are heading.