If you want to add a touch of style and functionality to your kitchen, choosing the right tap is crucial. In this article, we will explore everything important to know about satin stainless steel taps, providing practical tips for use in the kitchen.

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How to choose the perfect tap for your kitchen?

Choosing a kitchen tap is not a decision to be taken lightly. In addition to aesthetics, it is necessary to consider functionality, ease of use and robustness. With continuing technological advances, there are kitchen mixer models designed to save water, an important aspect to consider now more than ever.

Quality materials for a functional and durable mixer
A widely recommended material for taps is stainless steel. Not only does it retain its colour over time and clean up easily, but it also has antibacterial properties that help maintain water purity.

The different models of taps

  1. Single control: with a single lever or knob, they regulate both water flow and temperature. Perfect for contemporary design.
  2. Dual control: equipped with two knobs, one for cold water and one for hot water. Ideal for more traditional style kitchens.
  3. Pull-out shower: with a head that can be pulled out of the faucet body, they are practical for rinsing large objects.
  4. Wall-mount: mounted on the panelling above the sink, they offer a clean, minimalist look, saving space on the worktop.

The layout of your kitchen will influence the ideal placement of the tap. For example, for wall-mounted kitchens, a tap mounted directly on the wall might be the right choice. If you have a built-in sink on a peninsula, a countertop tap will be more suitable.

Maintenance: an element that makes the difference
Keeping your tap in top condition is essential. Clean regularly with a soft cloth and warm water to prevent stains and residues. Check periodically for leaks and install a water softener if you live in an area with hard water. An annual inspection will help you detect any signs of wear.

Satin-finished taps: elegance and practicality

Choosing a satin-finish stainless steel for your faucet is not only a question of style, but also of practicality. This material is durable, corrosion-resistant and offers a finish that hides fingerprints and stains better than polished steel. Its versatility adapts to any type of décor, from classic to modern.

Super Inox: excellence in taps and fittings

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Choose your taps wisely, and transform your kitchen into a space of beauty and practicality. Discover the range on the website.