In choosing the furniture of the house, the bathroom is one of the rooms, if not even the room, which requires the greatest care in the choice of elements. Intimate and private place par excellence, the bathroom is the environment of the house where design, elegance, quality and functionality find their maximum expression. And when you mention these characteristics, the watchword is: stainless steel.

Then read the article and find out why the best bathroom taps are stainless steel.

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AISI316L stainless steel: what is it?

Before focusing on the best bathroom taps, it is useful to better understand what AISI316L stainless steel is and why it is such a valuable ally for your bathroom.

AISI316L stainless steel is a quality material that has very marked technical and aesthetic characteristics of which durability and heat resistance are only one part. Steel is in fact a biologically neutral material, hygienic, totally non-toxic and antibacterial, ecological, recyclable and easy to clean.

Not least, it has a remarkable aesthetic value thanks to the possibility of being customized with elegant finishes that can be realized along its surface.

The presence of molybdenum, moreover, gives it a strong resistance to corrosion making it the ideal material for the realization of products in constant contact with water.

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Stainless steel and brass: how to distinguish them

Brass today remains one of the most widely used materials for bathroom faucets mainly for its ease of production. Being an alloy obtained from copper can be easily thermoformed. However, this production process makes the taps of this material less resistant to time and wear, less compact and more delicate: brass, in fact, if ruined by time, is almost impossible to fix to allow it to regain its original appearance.

A brass bathroom faucet, therefore, is easily recognizable for the most refined shapes and the chrome surface. Its ease of manufacture allows architects and interior designers to create, at the expense of resistance, products that are always customized and widely customizable. Thermoforming, in fact, is a process of hot working that allows to model the materials in particular shapes established at the design stage.

The biggest disadvantage of brass, however, is closely linked to the fact that it needs a coating of chrome, a material not recyclable by manufacturing very polluting.

The stainless steel, on the other hand, given the more complex workmanship presents a more minimal design, with craftsmanship features and clean shapes with a satin surface. Being an alloy between iron and carbon, its resistance makes it really appreciated in virtually all types of bathroom. Very corrosion resistant, its original style can be easily revitalized with satin or polishing treatments.

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AISI316L stainless steel bathroom tap: a healthy choice

We want to dedicate a separate paragraph to what is the strength of stainless steel to which Super Inox is most linked: its total non-toxicity.

But what is this fundamental characteristic for us?

Precisely to its production method, which allows to avoid 100% the use of lead and external chrome plating. Its natural resistance, combined with the polishing and satin finishing treatments, make stainless steel taps widely suitable for daily use in our bathrooms.

The Super Inox range: quality close to Lake Maggiore

Super Inox has found in steel a solid and resistant base on which to base its activity.

A combination of technology, functionality and reliability, bathroom faucet collections stand out on the market for their refined proportions and sinuous balance between comfort and aesthetics. The result of a production entirely Made in Italy made in the headquarters a few steps from Lake Maggiore, we treat each of our faucets as a unique piece of craftsmanship.

It is precisely from these solid values that our now recognized products are born.

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