At home, every detail is important, everything should be carefully studied to facilitate every daily gesture and in the kitchen, choosing the right mixer is essential.

Sinuous lines, precious materials, harmonious colors that match the surrounding environment and unique features, the kitchen faucets from practical accessories have evolved into real furnishing elements.

Distinctive trait of craftsmanship and the combination of form and substance.

There is an infinite variety of mixers both in terms of aesthetic and practical aspects, the criteria for choosing the one that best suits the kitchen are different: the dimensions, the type of spout and its functionality, the material and different finishes.

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak


From tap to mixer

The tap has very ancient origins and we see its first appearance, although different from today’s one, already in Ancient Rome with the name of valvula.

The evolution of faucets incorporates fascinating and unexpected aspects, from representations of fantastic animals on those of medieval abbeys, to the elegant brass of the faucets of late eighteenth-century theaters and cafés.

The etymology comes from the French robinet, diminutive of robin, a name given to rams as the keys to the taps often had the shape of this animal’s head.

To be able to approach the idea of modern kitchen faucets, we will have to wait for the nineteenth century, with Thomas Griss, who revolutionized the market with the first screw-on faucet that allowed to regulate the flow of water.

However, the real innovation took place in the early 1970s with the invention of the mixer: thanks to this device, a simple lever will suffice to regulate and mix hot and cold water, an invention as ingenious as it is practical.

The difference between tap and mixer

Kitchen mixers and kitchen taps are not the same thing: although these two terms are often confused and used as synonyms, in reality they are two different devices.

Knob taps are the most classic and ancient and are characterized by the presence of two knobs: one to adjust the flow and intensity of cold water and the other for hot water.

The mixer, on the other hand, consists of a single lever to regulate both the flow of water and its temperature, thus being able to mix hot and cold water.

However, there is not a single type of mixer, but over time different ones have been created.

Kitchen mixer

The single-lever mixer represents the most widespread and appreciated type for its efficiency and convenience: in fact, it allows you to control the intensity and temperature of the water with a single lever.

Flexible kitchen mixer

Within the category of single-lever kitchen mixers, we find the models with flexible spout and pull-out spray, which represent a particularly effective, practical solution with an unmistakable design, with their graceful arched shape.

These mixers offer great maneuverability facilitating every action in the kitchen, from washing fruit and vegetables to cleaning the sink and dishes.

Super Inox produces Papillon, an exclusive mixer characterized by a swivel spout with a flexible end.
It has been designed to combine the proportions of a traditional swivel spout model with the ease of use of one with a extractable hand shower. Compact, refined, functional and with a unique design.
This model is highly appreciated, as it adapts perfectly to the most diverse environments and styles with unparalleled efficiency and functionality.
Its shape and elasticity make it a practical, versatile, innovative and elegant product.

Mixers with extractable shower

The mixers with pull-out jet are easy to handle and classy, characterized by the ability to give style to the kitchen without sacrificing practicality.

The end of this mixer is characterized by the presence of a hand shower that can be unhooked from the main body and for this reason it is mainly recommended for those with very spacious washbasins.

3-hole built-in kitchen mixer

A minimal and essential style, perfect for those with a large central island in the kitchen, is the one guaranteed by the 3-hole built-in mixers.

It is made up of a refined arched spout, an extractable hand shower and a mixer to regulate the flow and temperature of the water.

The smart operation allows you to operate the extractable shower with a simple button, consequently interrupting the flow of water from the main spout.

Therefore, this model represents a complete solution that satisfies different needs in every situation.

The philosophy of Super Inox

Building to last was once the rule of all manufacturers and today, unfortunately, very few.

Super Inox’s philosophy is to create the most innovative solutions and make the product last over time.

Every detail is the result of a scrupulous production linked to the value of craftsmanship, the trademark of Made in Italy.

The choice of stainless steel not only guarantees a long-lasting and functional product in terms of cleaning but it is also the eco-sustainable choice for your kitchen.

It is, in fact, considered the best ecological and recyclable material for a low environmental impact. In addition, Super Inox uses only AISI316L steel, characterized by the presence of molybdenum which guarantees a particular resistance to corrosion.

The materials, the different elegant finishes and the exclusive design of the Super Inox mixers ensure a resistant and tasteful product, combining quality with practicality of use.