The name says it, the story of the company tells it: Super Inox was born from an important premise: the exclusive use of steel for the production of taps. A courageous choice, because for years the world of design has looked to bathroom and kitchen taps, considering only those produced in brass, a material that is certainly easier to work with.

The trend has been changing in recent years. Firstly, because the technological evolution of mechanical processing has made it possible to reach very high levels of design even with the use of materials other than brass, secondly because the attention of customers to issues related to health and the environment has grown exponentially.

Super Inox has always believed that stainless steel, especially AISI316L, is the best possible material for the taps and fittings and the water with which we wash and cook. But he also believes that it is the best possible material to make objects with an elegant design, with clear and precise lines, that go well with a modern, but also a classic ambience.

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak


Stainless steel taps: why they are preferred to brass ones

If we were to ask any user who is about to choose his new bathroom mixer if he prefers steel or brass, the answer would be the most logical: the important thing is that it is beautiful, that it works well and that it is resistant. Since taps have evolved from simple valves to more sophisticated devices, introducing the mixing cartridge and surface processing with galvanic treatments (i.e. chrome plating), the image of the chrome, polished and shining in its reflections. However, as we have learned over time, chrome plating hides negative health aspects. It is in fact obtained through hexavalent electrolysis of chromium, a substance that has created significant damage to the environment and to humans and which is in fact declared dangerous by various agencies, such as the European Chemicals Agency. For this reason, today we try to process chromium through trivalent electrolysis, a much less toxic method than the first but less durable over time, and in any case also subject to restrictions by the European Commission.

Lead and chrome: stainless steel for taps is a healthier choice for us and the environment

Then there is another negative aspect related to the use of brass, which is the lead contained in the alloy. In fact, brass is an alloy made up of copper and zinc which, in the absence of lead, tends to form, in the mechanical processes necessary to create holes and threads, very long and rigid shavings, difficult to recover.

With the addition of lead, on the contrary, the material becomes more workable, with short or even dusty shavings. All this not only facilitates processing, but reduces wear and heating of tools, which also increases the speed of processing and extends the life of the machines and tools.

This is why the brass in taps can, in some cases, contain a percentage of lead that can release substances that are hazardous to health when in contact with water. On the contrary, stainless steel, in addition to ensuring the absence of lead, is not chromed but treated, polished or satin-finished on the surface, therefore a more noble metal, suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and water in general for human consumption.

Super Inox: stainless steel taps for design, quality and durability

The advantages that steel offers are not limited to issues related to health and the environment, but go further. First of all, for durability over time: chromed brass tends to get scratched and lose its brilliance over time. Steel has no coatings and, for this reason, it stands the test of time without losing its beauty.

The stainless steel taps are sturdy, solid, do not deteriorate over time and are, in simple words, practically eternal. In addition, they represent a guarantee for our loved ones: today stainless steel is simply the best material with which to make taps. This is why it has become the primary choice of Super Inox, which believes in it so much that it has married this metal even in its own name. A choice of character, as well as of character is the entire production: strong and decisive lines; robust and long-lasting mixers. Made and designed by those who love their work and their product. So much so that we have chosen the best: 316L STAINLESS STEEL.