We explore the world of finishing with Super Inox, focusing on satin-finishing stainless steel. In this article we will discover how this elegant finish is made and why it may be the ideal choice for your tap.

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The satin touch on AISI 316L stainless steel

Compared to brushing, the satin finish of stainless steel follows a unique path. Instead of creating lines of medium depth on the surface, the aim is to achieve a very high degree of polish, commonly referred to as a “mirror”. Next, the surface is machined with a “ventilated” wheel, which is characterised by a low degree of abrasiveness. This process creates irregular micro stripes that slightly matt the surface, resulting in a less shiny but extremely bright, elegant and discreet finish.

This type of finish finds its natural habitat in more extreme conditions, such as outdoor spaces or wellness centres, due to its ability to repel impurities in the air.

The process of satin-finishing stainless steel is an operation to remove scratches from the metal surface, giving it an elegant satin finish. Typically, a flap wheel mounted on a manual satin-finishing machine is used to perform this procedure.

Let us now turn to brushed stainless steel. This elegant finish is the result of careful craftsmanship using abrasive papers and cloths of different grit sizes. Each step of the process is strictly controlled to ensure a precise and homogenous result. During this procedure, it is common to complement the abrasive brushes with specific polishing pastes or waxes to increase the final shine of the metal.

The great advantage of this process is the uniqueness of each design piece that benefits from it. The manual skill with which the brushing is achieved makes each product a true piece of craftsmanship, unrepeatable and unique.

Why choose a satin-finished stainless steel tap?

Having established that the satin-finish stainless steel faucet for the bathroom is an advantageous choice, it is essential to understand which features are crucial for making a well-considered and effective decision.

Satin-finished steel is the preferred variant in bathroom furniture: its special finish enables it to conceal fingerprints, stains and halos caused by water more effectively.

Moreover, satin-finished steel is so versatile that it can be adapted to any furnishing style, from the most traditional to the most modern, without ever looking out of place.

Super Inox finishes: elegance and modernity

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