The world of kitchen taps offers a wide range of solutions to meet the demands of practicality and aesthetics. Over the years, faucets have transformed and structured themselves to offer a variety of styles, from modern to retro, classic to contemporary.

Among the companies that stand out in this sector is Super Inox, an innovative company that exclusively produces high-quality bathroom and kitchen taps in AISI316L stainless steel. Thanks to decades of experience, Super Inox combines technological research with distinctive product design, combining state-of-the-art industrial processes with craftsmanship.

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The various types of kitchen taps from Super Inox

Single lever mixers

Single-lever mixers are the most popular choice in the kitchen. They allow you, by means of a single lever, to control the intensity of the flow and mix the water jet to achieve the desired temperature. This is done by moving the lever from left to right and from bottom to top.
Super Inox offers a wide range of single-lever mixers with designs ranging from the simple round swivel spout to more elaborate models, such as those equipped with a flexible spout with spring and double jet. Examples of products include model 0010106X, which features a round spout with anti-limescale aerator, and model 0350234X, which features a flexible round spout with spring and an anti-limescale 2-jet hand shower.

Mixers with extractable shower

Another fast-growing category is kitchen mixers with pull-out spray. These taps are increasingly popular due to the convenience offered by the possibility of pulling out the hand shower to wash, for example, fruit and vegetables more easily. In addition to their functionality, mixers with pull-out spray are characterised by their modern, minimalist design, ideal for furnishing a contemporary kitchen.
Super Inox offers a selection of mixers with pull-out spray that combine functionality and aesthetics. Some examples include the 0010107X model with a round flexible silicone-coated spout, the 0010223X which features a round flexible spout with spring and a pull-out 2-jet anti-limescale hand shower, the 0010009X model with a round spout and pull-out 2-jet anti-limescale hand shower, and the 0250225X, a 3-hole deck-mount kitchen mixer with a 316L stainless steel, round spout with anti-limescale aerator, hand shower with 125cm flexible hose.

Under-window mixers

For kitchens with windows positioned directly above the sink, Super Inox offers a solution to meet specific needs: under-window mixers. These taps are characterised by their fold-down design, which allows the window to be opened and closed with maximum convenience.
With its dedication to innovation and design, Super Inox offers an under-window sink mixer, such as model 0031029X, that combines functionality and practicality for an unparalleled user experience.

3-way mixers

For those with a water purifier in the kitchen, 3-way mixers are the ideal solution. Thanks to their three ways, they allow purified water to be dispensed directly from the kitchen tap.
These mixers are an intelligent response to the needs of those seeking practicality and comfort in their kitchen ambience. Super Inox offers a 3-way tap model, such as 0500109X, that is perfectly suited to the needs of those who wish to have purified water available at all times.

The market for kitchen taps offers a wide choice of solutions, with different types to suit the specific needs of each user. Super Inox, with its dedication to innovation, design and high quality materials, stands out as a benchmark company in the industry. Whether you are looking for a functional single-lever mixer tap, a mixer tap with pull-out spray in a modern design or an undermount sink tap, this reality has the perfect solution to enrich your kitchen with a classy and stylish product.
For more information on the products offered by Super Inox, please visit the official website.