Warranty Martina 29 June 2023


Warranty claims: time frame and method

Super Inox Rubinetterie guarantees the quality, the absence of manufacturing defects and the proper functioning of its products and therefore undertakes to eliminate any original defects within the period covered by this guarantee..

The buyer must check the products immediately after their arrival at the agreed place of delivery. Should he discover a lack of quality and/or a malfunction of the product manifested during the period covered by this guarantee, he must report it in writing, within 2 months of its discovery, to Super Inox Rubinetterie and/or to the authorised distributor/retailer from whom it was purchased, indicating in detail the non-conformities complained of and enclosing a document proving the date of purchase.

The return costs are at the customer’s charge, unless there is a specific agreement between the commercial management of Super Inox Rubinetterie and the purchaser.

The technical support of Super Inox Rubinetterie will process the claim in the shortest possible time.

Upon verification, after having ascertained the defectiveness, Super Inox Rubinetterie will repair the product or replace it free of charge.

In any case, these interventions will not lead to an extension of the guarantee period.

Invalidation of the warranty

The guarantee will be invalidated if the following situations occur:

  • errors in the installation and setting up of the product;
  • deterioration of the taps and fittings due to incorrect installation;
  • deterioration of the surfaces due to the use of cleaning products containing acids or abrasive substances;
  • deterioration of the surfaces with non-satin finishes. Their duration is in fact subordinate to the care and gentleness of use by the user;
  • inefficiency of the Super Inox Rubinetterie equipment depending on the quality of the water (ex. limescale);
  • use of the product in an incorrect way;
  • repairs and maintenance carried out in an unsuitable way and without previous authorisation of the company;
  • in any other hypothesis of non-observance of the instructions for the use of the equipment supplied with the same;
  • the glass parts, the cartridges and the valves are excluded from the guarantee;

For a correct installation and to preserve the aesthetic-functional characteristics of the equipment, Super Inox Rubinetterie recommends to follow the instructions enclosed with the product.

Warranty limitations

The Super Inox Rubinetterie warranty cannot be renewed.

The Super Inox Rubinetterie warranty does not affect the rights of the buyer in relation to the provisions of Lgs. D. no. 206/2005 concerning the guarantees given by the seller to the consumer by law. Further liability of any kind and for any reason whatsoever shall not apply except as provided for in Legislative Decree no. 206/2005.

This Conventional Guarantee, which is in addition to the guarantees included in the general conditions of sale, is the only one offered by Super Inox Rubinetterie to the purchaser. In no case may it be modified or supplemented by other statements or promises made by anyone.